The Ducks (A Snake in the Grass)

by peaches davenport

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Recorded September 2015 - June 2016 at home.
This was the longest time i've ever spent on an album, starting the first formal recording around mid - june 2015, and going into an actual friend's studio. After 3 months, and 4 songs half finished, I felt very out of place in the studio and sort of shelved the record until I knew what to do with it. When school for me picked back up, I decided to record the album at home, and strip back most of the material. This is the result.


released June 5, 2016

album cover by andy heck boyd
recorded/mixed 2015-2016 at home
mixed by peaches davenport
mastered by kelen, peaches davenport

thanks to clark pang on the cello on lemon pink bayou
thanks to kelen for producing/engineering on lemon pink bayou

CDr credits: Front, back, and disc art by Andy Heck Boyd



all rights reserved
Track Name: Black Black Moon
Twenty dollar yung,
you asked me on the twenty eighth
weather you could come back home

I got my hopes up
I got my hopes up
I got my hopes up
I got my hopes up

Roll into peach pits
hoping you would crawl right in
details of mondbont
swimming thru a black black moon

I got my hopes up
I got my hopes up
I got my hopes up
I got my hopes up
Track Name: Frankie's Farm
"Frankie's farm, sit in the barn
draw on my tummy
Goldie lays around, milking the cows,
clobbering through fences.
I dont know where were gonna go

Film me in the yard, building my farm,
that'll show frankie
film me in the yard
running with dogs, clobbering through fences
I dont know where were gonna go